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Default 2+2 + 2+2 + 2+2 = ???

Here's a hand from a 15-30 game that I played last night, along with two other 2 + 2 er's. The game was still OK, despite the presence of these guys.

I'm UTG with QQ and raise in an 8 handed game, since somebody is smoking. Terrible player calls from near the button. Ulysses cold calls from the button. SB folds, and the BB is the one-and-only, 2+2 (counter)cultural icon, Tommy Angelo, who stopped by to play a bit last night (it was good to see you, Tommy). Anyways, Tommy 3 bets. I call, as does everybody else.

Flop: Tommy bets dark. Cards then come out, J-J-5. I raise. Bad player folds, Ulysses calls. Tommy calls.

Turn: 3, or some other blank. Tommy checks, I bet, Ulysses folds, Tommy calls.

River: Blank (2). Tommy bets. I call.

I will post my thoughts on all streets later, but it would be cool to get the other poster's thoughts, too. Tommy & Ulysses, if you weren't thinking, then just make something up [img]/forums/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]
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