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Default Re: The Official How\'d you Get to Work in NYC Thread

1.34 miles by car, probably more on the order of a mile by foot. If you're suggesting I walk in this weather when I don't have to, you're nuts.

[/ QUOTE ]

What weather? It was like 30 degrees out this morning.

What do you do when it actually gets cold?

[/ QUOTE ]
omg you're sooooo normal!

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[/ QUOTE ]
Thinking 30 degrees isn't cold is not normal. What did you wear when you left your house today?

[/ QUOTE ]

1 pair socks
1 pair shoes
1 pair slacks
1 pair underwear
1 undershit
1 button down shirt
1 scarf
1 leather jacket

And I kinda wished I had a longer ways to walk this morning...probably one of the nicest days we'll have all winter.
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