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Default Re: Stupid question re: Empire/Party I hate to ask but will...

I am also concerned about maintaining accounts on multiple party skins specifically for bonus whoring.

Its obviously doable, as many here seem to have accounts on most of the skins. However, does the party network specifically allow you to maintain accounts on multiple/all skins? Should there be any worry about account closure/seizure if party decides to clamp down on all such account holders?

Any help would be appreciated.

I really doubt they would seize any funds (for those who have accounts on multiple skins). However, I could see funds being seized for douchebags (like MrVickers) who have multiple accounts on multiple skins.

That being said, I could certainly see them taking steps to close accounts, but I doubt they would seize funds.

My original account was Party, then Empire, then Multi and then Intertops. I think each time I signed up for a new one, I got an email to call PayPro, I did...they said they just wanted to verify info, etc. and I was good to go. This was BEFORE the need to sign up from a clean computer and multiple skin accounts were OK. They never even asked why I wanted an account on each skin. If they did, I was going to tell them b/c of the MTT's each offered. Anyway, when I signed up for Eurobet and PokerNow, that was when you supposedly had to signup from a clean PC, but I never had to. I signed up from the same PC I signed up to the others on and I never did any cleaning.

But, my story seems to be a rarity.

Whether they allow or want you to have an account on each skin, I don't know. I don't think it matters to PayPro, they get their cut either way honestly.

The thing is, each accoutn needs to NOT be for bonus whoring, thus the reason I play MTT's and sit and goes at each site while I play off bonuses. You got to give a little to get a little. If you aren't a tourney player, then just play some extra raked hands before you pull your money out.

I have seen over the past year a lot of folks get accounts closed for various reasons. Obviously, Empire got their panties in a bunch a while back, but they never bothered me. I think the problems others have had that they blame on not being able to have an account at each skin may be more likely to gnoming issues and I definitely have never had a gnome account and never will and I think that idiots who have gnome accounts are morons, but that's a different story for a different day.
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