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Default pot odds and stuff

let's say you played 100 hands and flopped a four-flush each hand. you would make your flush 35 times and you wouldn't make it 65 times and you'd win when you made it. if the pot was always the same and if you got sufficient pot odds to chase you should turn a profit right?

if sometimes you weren't getting good pot odds and you folded. after you folded your flush card hit. so the next time you are getting the pot odds to call wouldn't the probability of getting the flush go down?

i guess what i'm asking is, the probability of making a flush doens't depend on pot odds. so when you fold and your flush comes anyway, doesn't it reduce you chance of making the flush when you are getting the odds to call the next hand. otherwise your four-flush would be turning into a flush more than 35% of the time for as long as you played.
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