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Default Re: COMRADES, please critique/tear up a bunch of hands

Thanks tigerite!

You were exactly one of the posters whom I was looking foward to hearing from.

I guess I have another question as well for any seasoned vets. I've played 217, $10 sit n gos and my ITM is 41% and ROI is 23%. I think I'm doing well. However, the higher my bank roll becomes, the more "scared poker" I feel obliged to play. I'm playing mind games with myself wondering if what I did was correct, and just constantly second guessing myself. I've played many sit n gos before this (months ago) and I've always been decent. However, I just started this new run (217 so far) and I can honestly say that I was playing more comfortably after 100 sit n gos than now after 217. How can i combat this irrational self doubt?
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