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Default Re: Final table strategy

Won a nice $1275 by finishing 4th in yesterday's $5-rebuy on Party. Was so excited I forgot to ask for FT sweat. Think I did my best at the final table, maybe I should've pushed more often. On the other hand, just moving up one notch did wonders to my bankroll so I guess I got risk averse coming to the final table...

Anyway... Thanks to Party's blind structure, I came to the final table being 2nd in chips with an M of 7. Tournament was played HFH from 40 players down. That's pure crap! Isn't it in Party's interest to at least try to change their tournament structure at little bit? And will they ever fix the all-in-rebuy-bug? They must know that Stars tourneys are much better, so why not copy?

Ok... To the main question... What's your final table strategy? Push any ace from any position? Or do you feel you can wait for better hands being 2nd in chips? Steal with any hand from late position? Do you push other hands from EP and MP? I'm usually comfortable playing with an M of 6-7 but that situation generally occurs at SnG's and only a few people at the table. How do you change your strategy when the table is full and M is low?

I will post the FT hand history when I get back home after work. Hopefully someone can look it through and comment!

TIA for any input!

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