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Default Re: Getaway in Stockholm street racing video

i'm no expert either, but you are def. right that whatever F1 drivers do, they mean to do it.

i just don't see it as black and white as always braking before a turn, and accelerating out. there are just nuances to driving, like trail-braking, which is staying on the brakes late into the turn, to shift more weight, and therefore traction to the front tires, to increase the yaw angle and 'drift' for decreasing radius turns and the such. also since the OP stated it was a turbo, early throttle application might be needed to get or keep the turbo's spooled up, to reduce lag. an example would be, if you come out of a turn w/ no oversteer, but no boost, it might take you a while to get some boost, and you loose a couple seconds of maximum acceleration. if you throttle early, and go a little wide, it might be more than offset by having full boost at the beginning of the strait, since that initial harder acceleration and resulting speed will be carried over the entire lenght of the strait, multiplying that inital speed gain by the entire time you are accelerating.
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