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Default Re: Did I bet this TOO hard? Top set QQ

I like your flop play. On the turn I bet about 75. Will commit you to the hand and not give the correct odds to call with a draw. It is also more likely to be called by a hand like AQ or KQ.
You can't always be terrified of being drawn out on. Bet enough so he can't correctly draw but don't force him out of the pot.

[/ QUOTE ]

it is very likely to be called by KQ and AQ, along with KJ... all of which will likely call a pot raise on the flop. Draws will also call the pot raise so why not stick in a pot-raise? there's no reason... Hes most likely drawing or has a ten (or air) so i still prefer the pot-raise. Dont just call and let him draw unless your raise just builds the pot needelessly against a competant oppenant and you cant fold sets if bad cards hit.

turn bet is fine. just pot it, maybe check behind if a spade on the turn hits since you have a good redraw
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