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Default Re: Do I need to pay this off??

I'm agreeing with metetron and kirshan than this does feel like a good bluff C/R opportunity when the board pairs here.

So calling it down is probably for the best.....but I think in this case it's VERY borderline.
A more specific read here (or ideas of your recent table-image) would certainly be helpful in a case like this....but sometimes there just isn't much of a read in those areas and all we have to work with is trying to find some sort of 'best default play' against a guy with such-and-such stats.
Which I think is okay too.

I've been a call-down-aholic for far too long.
it's a bad thing for the most part. But it also gives me an idea of what some players are capable of.

Even by players with crappy stats I find that some fairly creative plays against potential weak-tight folders (such as river C/R bluffs when the board pairs) are more common than many around here might think.

For a certain type of fishy player it almost seems like 'river C/R stone bluffs' are the new black. They've been watching a lot of WPT I suspect.