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Default 3/6 bottom set

Good 3/6 game online. I've been at the table about 50 hands and have a good image so far. UTG in the hand has ~$350, SB has $500 and I cover both of them. UTG limps a lot preflop and always seem to call raises. He has not made a raise at the table yet. He is weak and passive postflop, and makes many minbets and underbets the pot. SB is fairly loose preflop. SB has made similar weak bets out of position on the flop, and check/folded the turn. Neither player seems "solid" after 50 hands.

I have red 33.

Preflop: UTG minraises to $12, 3 folds, SB calls, I call.

Flop ($36): 8 7 3 (rainbow)
SB bets $18, I call, UTG calls.

Turn ($90): [8 7 3] 5 (completing the rainbow)
SB checks, I bet $90, UTG calls, SB folds.

River ($270): [8 7 3 5] Q
I push (about $230 more)

Not sure about the flop call. I was fairly sure SB was weak on the flop, and that UTG would peel with overcards if I called. Bet less on the river? Thanks guys.
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