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Default Re: I check TP & I chase and bet four cards to straight board

Hand 1- looks about right, as long as you plan to fold to any real aggression.

Hand 2- Flop call is questionable, but you might be able to play the scare there with will help a lot. I dont like to chase against small stacks, the odds arent there. On the turn, I check call there, as I do with the river.

[/ QUOTE ]

Me personally, I think a case can be made for an combination of actions with either of these hands in both of these situations. I know some very aggressive players who would be betting a raising much more; I know some that play it more passively. And, then there is me who would have checked and folded both of these on the flop and the turn (I'm a pussy though).

The point that EMcWilliams makes in the second hand about chasing vs. small stacks makes alot of sense to me, though.

You do not have implied odds against someone who has just $4.3. First of all, you are getting between 3:1 and 2:1 on your odds and are calling this one card in HOPES that you are really getting 8:1 on your money (his whole stack).

That is rather dubious I think. If you do make your hand, I think it is iffy that you get paid off by anything other than somebody with a redraw (they have top pair with a straight draw, bottom set, two pair, flush draw, etc., etc.) which means your odds aren't as good as they seem, either pot or implied. Unless, of course, you know this guy is horrible and will pay you off with top pair or middle pair, or something crazy (but, you said you didn't know, so err on the side of caution.

These are just some thoughts.
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