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Default Re: 77 in BB, can I call this?

Does your opinion change if the table has been pretty tight and lays down to pretty obvious steal attempts? I had been stealing a whole lot at this point trying to keep my stack afloat since I was pretty card dead and I did not think much of my opponents as far as making better decisions than me. I figured I was most likely coinflipping my whole stack at this point and while my stack isn't great, it's not in a super danger zone yet. I put his range on almost any 2 but within a sane limit(still 2 cards above 7, maybe A low), and probably all PPs minus JJ+. Against the range I'm definitely a favorite, but I just kept on thinking that i didn't want to CALL a coinflip for all my chips at this point in the tourny when I can pick up the blinds with pretty minimal risk to boost my stack.

I definitely thought the bet reaked of a tiny PP afraid to see a flop at first, and for some reason I passed up on the all in at this spot. If i had even AJ I would feel more comfortable putting my chips in than with 77, although I was really really torn with this decision.
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