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Default Re: Can I get away from this hand?

Final four of 30+3 on pokerroom, I'm in sb and second in chips (3800) while bb is first in chips (5200). Utg and utg+1 both fold and i call other half of 300 blind with 6 8 suited. Flop comes 4 6 8 rainbow and I bet out 425 and bb calls. On turn a king comes and I bet 1000 and bb calls quickly. On river a jack comes (no flush) and i go all in, and bb calls and has 5 7 (the nuts), and I am out in 4th with no money. Was there anyway I could have prevented myself from losing my whole stack here, How should I have played this hand differently?

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Yeah either raise or fold PF. Why get involved with the big stack if you're just gonna call?
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