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Default Re: was this handled correctly?

This sorta thing happened to me while playing at the MGM earlier this week.

Seat 1 is UTG and calls the BB (he put his chips over the little yellow line). Seat 2 is ordering a drink and pushes her cards into Seat 1's hand. The dealer rules both hands dead and tells Seat 1 that his money has to stay. He did tell him that if he had protected his hand with something, like a chip, his hand wouldn't have been dead as it was obvious who's cards were whos.

Seat 1 was pretty pissed and I told seat 2, my wife, to give the guy $2 as a "I'm sorry". It was her first time playing so she didn't realize what she had done and the guy in Seat 1 was a total moron so I figured it was in our best interest to keep him happy. The $2 sorry was good enough to get him to stick around and buy in again. Yay.

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Whether or not your wife gives Seat 2 the $2 should not depend upon your opinion of him. She should give him the $2 because it was completely her own bonehead mistake.

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Oh I agree, but he refused up and down to take the $2. I think he was embarrassed that he didn't have his cards protected and felt like a newb.
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