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Default Re: was this handled correctly?

im pretty sure the hand should be dead.
somebody smarter than me will have to confirm this

[/ QUOTE ]

Possibly. As the rest of the story demonstrated, there's a way to correct the fouling of the hand, and there hasn't been any action (like the big blind getting three cards and not noticing until his turn to act, at which point his hand is nothing but dead).

For sure this is one of those cases where nobody should move a muscle except to yell "FLOOR!" What happened is probably right (since everybody did at least have the sense to stop), but it really shouldn't be another player handling it.

Some will say the guy should have protected his hand better, but they're mostly the sort who'd say the same if an asteroid crashed through the roof of the cardroom onto their cards. "Oh, well, gotta protect your hand...never know when an asteroid's comin'..."

(OK, earlier it was the grumpy pills...I dunno what I'm on now. Too much tea and wanting to go home, maybe.)
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