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Default was this handled correctly?

Interesting situation, 5/10 at the Taj the other night. 3 players on the river, first to act bets, second player folds and flings his hand into the muck. Except one of his cards shoots right into the first player's hand, literally--the guy is now holding three cards, and no one can tell which one came from the 2nd player. Everyone freezes for a second. Player 2 (who folded) is in the 8 seat, and whispers his hand to the 9 seat (not in the hand), who whispers it to the dealer. The dealer is a pretty timid woman who doesn't seem to know what to do. 9 seat reaches over and takes the top card from the bettor and shows it to player 2 and the dealer. Nope, that wasn't my card, says player 2. So that card goes back to player one and they try again with another card. Player 2 agrees that the second card they just showed him was indeed his, and the dealer puts it in the muck, and play continues.

Everyone else, including the guy left to act in seat 2, was pretty much dumbfounded during this whole thing. Was it handled right?
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