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Default Re: QQ vs minraise on a dry board (200 6 max)

Every time I see this move I'm thinking that hero doesn't want a call. So what are you thinking here? Do you want villain to call with his 76s, A6s, 45s, etc? You know he's not folding a better hand. So what's the purpose of this push?

Villains PFA of 2.0 tells me he's only slightly aggressive and a VP$IP of 40 says he likes to have "pretty good" cards.

Anyway, I'm inclined to call here and give the action back to villain. The pot now contains $136 so a PSB basically put you all-in. There is little chance of a turn card improving either of you, so you should get some information from his turn lead. You can consider pushing the turn, or perhaps you'll want to put villain on a wider range of hands. In other words you could still get away.
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