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Default I need a change (Learning)

I am in need of poker help.

I have played poker for over a year now, and I have made a substantial amount of money doing so. I began bly playing $10/1's with the help of a friend of mine, and built a roll to play $2/4 limit. From there I moved up through limit stakes, and have played $5/10 and $10/20 shorthanded with success. However, over the past few months I have become more and more interested in increasing hourly rate and not actually improving my game. As a result, I have been playing 8 tables of $5/10 short handed, and grinding out tons of hands on autoplay. Because of this, my game has stagnated. Coupled with a large (200+ big bets) downswing, this has made me want to learn a new game. I donít like No Limit ring for a number of reasons, so I want to play sit and goís. However, my SnG game has completely gone since I played them over a year ago. I am posting to ask how I should learn them.

I want to start by playing $20/2ís. $10/1ís are too small of an amount to me, and I canít really take them seriously. I donít mind losing some money in the process of learning Ė Iím an 18 year old student and donít have much in the way of vital expenses (college is paid for). I have a basic grasp of SnG strategy, but not much in the way of specifics? What should I do to become an excellent SnG player? Are there posts that are super informative that you have book marked? Are there guides to basic strategy online? Obviously I know that I will need to post hands for specific review, so donít just say ďpost handsĒ. I genuinely want to become an expert at SnGís.

Thanks in advance for your help, and I am certain Iíll be posting a lot in this forum in the near future.
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