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Default Re: Crimson Challenge Round 3

Washington D.C.:

Possible challenges include water challenge, which involves multiple participants.

Flatliner challenge. The flatliner is an insanely hot chicken wing a local place (The Wing Factory) around here carries that makes you sign a waiver before they let you eat them.

We could turn the flatliner into a competition with a prize pool and see who finishes 10 first, or we could do an individual challenge such as eat 20.

I will tell you I have had 2 personally and they are extremely hot. I have a couple friends who have eaten them and the most anyone I know has done is 15. I wasn't there when he did 15 but I have seen someone do 5 and he was shaking and crying after eating those 5.

If you eat 10 they let you sign your name on the wall on some sign that takes about a year to fill up.

Edit: I'd prefer if the water challenge stayed in DC as I came up with the idea.

Also to update the shaking from flatliners. My friend who was shaking held out his hand and it looked like he had parkinson's disease.
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