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Default Re: $11 - 88 on button, makes me wonder about betting impetus

Sheesh, am I reading it right--you limped, SB completed, and the BB folded anyway. Guess the BB really isn't cooperating with our whole Flop a Set, Stack a Donk plan.

Maybe I'm too tight here, but from the button in level two I will often limp 88 here as well, and even if I don't flop that set I'm confident our position will let us still play the hand well. And that's what happened here: if villain played back at you after your flop bet it's easy to let this one go.

I think I'm using the term too narrowly, but when I think of seizing the "betting impetus," or whatever, I'm doing it because I think it will give me the advantage of momentum on streets that are very likely still to come. For instance a small raise that doesn't rate to win the pot right there, but is more just to put the villan on his heels for the next street.

But if you raise preflop here, I think it's pretty much to avoid seeing the next street. You're raising to take down the blinds with what is likely the best hand preflop. True: A raise here will give you more momentum than a limp, and a standard c-bet following a raise will likely get them to lay down more hands than they would have following a limp. But for my style, blinds on level two with these stacks usually aren't worth that extra edge. I'd rather just make faces at the screen and say snowman snowman snowman right before the flop comes out. And then if I miss the set--like I will 7 in 8 times--I'll still scoop the blinds a decent amount of the time anyway, like when the flop comes ace high and they fold to my bet because my pf limp looked at least as much like Ax as it did 88.
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