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Default $11 - 88 on button, makes me wonder about betting impetus

A while back I posted some questions about betting impetus. Well this hand came up, and immediately made me think of it.

***** Hand History for Game 2742443346 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $10 Buy-in + $1 Entry Fee Trny:15896912 Level:2 Blinds(15/30) - Tuesday, September 20, 00:14:06 EDT 2005
Table Table 35064 (Real Money)
Seat 8 is the button
Total number of players : 7
Seat 2: PotStuck ( $1010 )
Seat 3: mikeb1953 ( $820 )
Seat 5: SBchampsx4 ( $2222 )
Seat 7: mjcasale69 ( $1370 )
Seat 8: pattywack85 ( $775 )
Seat 9: mettrack ( $780 )
Seat 10: SutedAcez ( $1023 )
Trny:15896912 Level:2
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to pattywack85 [ 8d 8h ]
PotStuck folds.
mikeb1953 folds.
SBchampsx4 folds.
mjcasale69 folds.
pattywack85 calls [30].
mettrack calls [15].
SutedAcez folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5c, Ad, Js ]
mettrack checks.
pattywack85 bets [65].

Some of you guys may look at this and tell me to raise. The reason I didn't is because a few days ago, I read this thread by Strassa where he said he'd be more inclined to limp because if he gets a set he might get some action, rather than raise and pick up the relatively worthless blinds.

Of course the flop came out like what I expected...nothing great, but it probably missed them. It checked to me, and I made the obligatory bet.

Before I made it, I thought to myself that I had betting impetus by virtue of being the last person to VP$IP. Then I wondered if there are different degrees of impetus, like strong or weak I guess. Had I raised preflop, I'd have more impetus than when I just limp. There's no real reason for anyone to fold a jack there, but they might if I raised.

Hopefully this makes some sense. I realize it's a rather unremarkable hand, but I drew upon two ideas that I read recently, and wanted to examine how they relate.
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