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Default Re: Lying about your hand

Maybe what I said sounds a little cynical. What I meant was, I am not going to believe them unless I have good reason to. In a friendly game, like the game I played at Caeser's last night, I might actually believe half the players if they told me. Nice guys that they were, loved just showing their cards. If a tight/solid player shows me his cards, I have to assume there is a underlying reason behind it. If weak/passive players show me, and I am pretty sure they are just showing me because they're cool like that.

I actually rarely lie about my hand when I tell someone. Often I just don't say anything, but if a guy next to me who I've been chatting with for a few hours asks, I most likely will tell him what I had. Between me and the 2 guys next to me, we would often tell each other our hands, and talk about it after the hand. We weren't playing together, but we weren't exactly playing against each other either.

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I usually just flip on the Foreigner belt and tell them they're a Dirty White Boy. Or that they're Hot Blooded.

(loverboy has always sucked, though.)
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