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i'm guessing this only works for postgres dbs?

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Sorry I didn't say so but actually only requires the hh text files themselves. So access, pgsql, doesn't matter. You just set a date pref in pt for which hands you want pt to export (if not all of them) and that's it; that's what the scripts use to pick out the stuff you want.

The scripts then create new hh files just like you'd get from the poker site in the first place. Except the new hh files have only the hands that you wanted.

And if this seems a little fuzzy to ppl, let me just add a little more:

I have a seriously underperforming premium that I wanted to take a closer look at (KQo) and see if I was misplaying it badly. pt can show you your KQo hands with its filter, but it can't isolate statistics on just them, it can't export them (like you want to have somebody else take a look at them for you) and once you close pt, the list is gone if you were replaying them.

So this one script extracted every instance of KQo I've been dealt. I'm going to have a friend look them over also and since pt can't do this, it wasn't possible to have him look at just my KQo hands before. Another thing this allows is easily seeing how you played KQo from every position; think of it as a db where every hand you were dealt was KQo (that's what this is).

Or say you want all "villain c-r hero on turn"; run the script and it reads through all the pt hh files you exported picking out just the hands where a villain c-r hero on turn (or flop or river, whatever you pick) and it writes them to new hh file(s). Now you have hh file(s) of just that; makes it pretty easy to see if you're misplaying in that situation. Not only can pt (currently) not gather all villain c-r hands, AFAIK there's no way for you to find even one.

Then ppl can either just read the text file(s) the scripts create, send them to somebody else or what I do, create a new temporary pt db and load them back in to pt to use replayer. So I have two new dbs, one of only KQo hands and another of villain c-r turn hands...

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