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Default Preflop Limp-re-raising trouble

Before I begin, I'd like to mention something:

Thank you very much, to the guy that made the ML digeest this month. In the first content post, someone posts a link to a post by shill in the archives. That post is worth checking out, too, FYI.


Anyways, I've been doing some experimenting with preflop limp-re-raising, and it hasn't been going too well. I do this mostly at tight-aggressive tables, and I generally will do this from EP and my range is generally something like AQs, AKs, AA-QQ. I won't do this all the time, either, because if I did, it would narrow my EP PFR range enormously: leaving me with something like jj-tt,aj, kqs.

I haven't read Abdul's PF strategy, but I gather that this is the sort of thing that he would do.

I did this, today, with AKs.

The lineup at the table was as follows:

I'm UTG, (44) 20/2, (6) 33/0, (5) 40/20, (317) 17/8, (43) 40/14, (43) 40/14, (55) 16/5, (44) 16/7, (565) 17/12, (53) 58/21

Numbers in brackets are sample sizes (hands), then vpip/pfr.
Table average was 28.6/9.91/30.61 (wsd)

This was a pretty damn good table...

However... looking around the table, this is probably something that I'm looking to bet out and cap with, as long as the LAGs are willing to three-bet with a decent range of hands. If they're the kind of lags that like to raise, but don't really like to three-bet, then I still think PFLRR has some merit. Keep in mind that some of the guys with super-high vpips have sample sizes less than 10.

Any comments on preflop limp-re-raising would be lovely. Particularly if there's some examples of when it might actually be a good play. This might be a play that's beyond my skill at this time (I'm most likely to apply it incorrectly).

I'll follow with how the hand played out in a bit.
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