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Default I\'m a winning player, but I\'m too tight!

I've played NLHE for about a year now, and I've totally dedicated myself to becoming a winning player. I play $50 NL full ring and over my last ~30K hands, I'm a 8.4ptbb/100 winner, so obviously I am doing at least some things right. I've made a few cashouts over the last year, and I currently have $2,200 in the roll - more than enough to play 50 NL.

However, before I move up to 100NL and 200NL, I want to fix a few parts of my game, one of which is that I am probably too tight. I am at work right now, so I don't have all of my PT stats on me, but I am at an 11% VPIP over my last 30K hands. At 50NL I think this is not so bad, since everyone is so loose, but obviously this is pitifully low.

My strengths: I understand position, I can lay down top pair or an overpair, I play my strong hands fast, and I understand pot odds/implied odds. Also, for the few hands I do play, I almost always come in for a raise (except for small-medium PPs in EP).

My biggest weakness: The aforementioned 11 VPIP

Here are a few examples of hands that I am often unsure how to play prelop.

Suited connectors: When and where should I play these? Typically if I'm UTG, I fold them. I only play them in late position after a few limpers. Occasionally I'll call a raise if a few others have called the raise, especially if I think the original raiser has a big hand. Same with A-rag suited.

Suited broadway: (e.g. QTs, K10s, etc). I rarely play these hands at all unless I'm in position.

Blind stealing: Should I be playing complete trash on the button or cutoff if it's folded to me? For example, it's folded to you in the cutoff and you have 9-4o. Do you try to steal blinds/win pot on a flop continuation bet? Currently I do this but only if I have at least a halfway decent hand, like Q-10 or A-8, etc.

Calling raises: Here's where I'm VERY tight. If someone comes in for a "standard" raise, I'll only call/raise if I have a PP or A-K. How often should I be calling raises with suited connectors? A-Q?

I'd love to hear some input on this. For you players out there who are killing 50NL, what are your VPIPs? Obviously, there is no "correct" VPIP, but 11 is way too low, and people are going to start picking up on this the higher I move up. I just need to find a way to play 3-4 more hands per 100, that's all.
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