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Default Picking off a Steal

The other day in the stars 45 K this hand cam eup , I ultimatley win the Hand but my question is my preflop play

10 Handed
Levels 300/600 + 50 ante

Folds around to the Cutoff who makes it 2k to go (Chips stack after the bet is 5k)

I am in the BB with k/5 suited and put him on a Steal. (I have about 18 k)

the questions, If I put him on a Steal , do I just push here, or wait for a "friendly" flop and push there, or do I wait for him to kill him self [Go all in on the flop]

I wound up calling preflop and check/ calling him no the flop , he had Jack High and I won, so I made more chips however is giving him the free shot at the flop a mistake or is this play ok sometimes?
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