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I've heard that Greektown has turned into a 3-6 and $100 NL joint. Of course I don't play there anymore, so I don't know. I also heard that the 20-40 game isn't usually going and not many NL games. Also I don't think the 10-25NL has been spread in months.

Motor City spreads 3-6, 5-10, 2-5-5NL and 1-2NL w/ a 200 max buyin, 20-40 on Friday, multi talbe tourneys Sun and Tues (I think tues...not sure of the day) and occasionally 5-10O8 w/ kill. The time charge at the NL is $8/half hour at the big one and $6/half hour at the smaller. The rake here is $1 more than at Greektown. I think they rake 10% up to $6 + $1 for the bad beat at all games where g'town takes $5 max +$1 for bad beat.

Motor City has 13 tables I Greektown is bigger; 20 perhaps? Windsor is supposed to be nice, but it's been months since I've been there. call ahead because a game might not be going!
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