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Default Re: How good is KQo?

Hi,all.I`ve been playing a lot of 10/20 lately on PStars and find it very aggresive&tough there.One thing i`ve noticed about hands like KQo and AJo is that I make more money with those when i`m running bad and losing as opposed to when winning or in a normal play.The reason i think is that when i open raise with those 2 hands premium hands like AA-10 +AQ,AK will always reraise me but in adition to those when running bad I`ll be often 3 beted by a lot of crap from QJ all the way to 73o which will not happen normally.This is where the extra equity for KQo,AJo comes from IMO.The key is to let the yahoos bet into you all the way to the river if you catch a good flop but fold if you miss completely cause running bad is not the image you want when tring to bully the yahoos.
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