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Default Re: What is wrong with you people???

"The problem is that this is all too common in Vegas. Some of the regulars insist on whining every time they get beat. Like getting dealt AK is a guarantee of winning a pot. They had been whining the whole afternoon. In some way they feel that if they insult the poor player, or make him feel bad, that is only fair since he bad beat them. Its insane."

trust me, i know the kind of player you are describing, exactly, and they aren't just exclusive to vegas but worldwide i'm sure. somewhat sensible players, yet how can they miss the big picture by so much? it IS crazy, and yes they had it coming, please know i was not judging you by your responce but merely adding how i would have TRIED to handle it, which is trying to not let my true emotions show, pokerface as it wishes

ps. i'm serious about this weekend, please wear your illinois cap as i would like to meet you and get introduced to maybe Dynasty, Dave in cali, pokerbabe (aka), vince, pokerguy,2d, and anyone i missed as i'm sure you can't have too many poker friends, especially if they live in vegas!... i'm a nice guy!, really!, although i have been known to post a fuzzy thinking post or three.Please don't hold that agin me...
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