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Default Re: UltimateBet WPT Championship seats 150,000 UPs

i'll definitely post progress reports if I go through with it.

right now it's way too prelimninary for any of that...I think there is much less than a 50% chance that I will actually go all the way with it.
There's probably barely a 50% chance that I'll still be with this by the end of the week.
So don't count on much.

last Feb I played about 20k hands in 4 days (4-tabling the 10/20 6-max) to be on of the first 20 players to earn 30k points that week and win entry aboard the PPM cruise ($10k buy-in tourney).
It was a lot of work for those 4 days where I barely slept....but the cruise was fantastic and it is was DEFINITELY worth it (the GF probably loved it more than I did even though it was a poker-cruise).

In my first live tourney I placed 177th out of 735 to barely make it to the money (won $5200).

Also - he's not tooting his own horn...but I think this Bellagio WPT-championship tourney is the one where GotMilk finished 4th a couple yrs ago for a really impressive pay-day. Little wonder why he's interested in returning.

As it happens...this Bellagio tourney is taking place at a time where I was going to be heading to Vegas anyway so we already had our calendars marked.
GF hsd never been...but wants to go that week because of a national nurses conference taking place (as well as to see Vegas).
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