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Default Re: I was completely at loss at what to do here. (JJ overpair)

This is really tough. Push doesnt look good on flop because we expect all the worse hands to fold. Calling and leading turn isnt so hot either because a turn lead will pretty much commit you. Folding also seems pretty damn weak on this flop, but I think that might be the correct play.

If villlains range is 88+, set, then we are smoked and should fold. If we can remove QQ, KK, AA, it becomes much trickier because I doubt villain will put any more money in the pot if we call/raise his flop bet.

Is there a chance villain could have something like 45s, or air here?

Is call and c/f a stupid line? It seems like it. If villain is a thinker he will know that when you call on the flop you have a hand and prob not try to push you out on turn. I have no clue. Someone point me in the right direction here.
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