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Default Re: It\'s your move, 20/40 online

Why not three bet? The raiser is a high limit heads up player who is certainly much better playing head-to-head poker than I am. My primary fear is that if I three-bet him, I am essentially commiting myself to go to the river. If I wait till the flop, I can give up the hand easily or get in a check-raise when I am more sure of my standing.

Versus players who are easier to control three-betting is clearly correct.

In fact, I did call. I wasn't sure of the call then, but looking back on it, I felt that I might have the best hand, and I had 4 outs to beat the straigt, and 2 outs to beat many other hands that currently beat me.

As it is I'm fairly certain that given that set of parlays, and the fact that I might be able to make much more money when I hit the six, this is a clear call. It's not fun, and I'll lose on the river most of the time.

But definatly a clear call.
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