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Default Re: did I over play my hand

I don't like the way you played the hand, but I have seen a number of players who I consider good to play hands like this.

Generally, I like to play big pairs in PLO in one of two ways.
1) The best hand, which I'm gonna jam down your throat.
2) Set value.

This third method of playing your hand post-flop while still having one pair is probably the worst way you can do it.

You have not narrowed the field and you've gotten a very dangerous board. You could have 2 outs. Why get involved? Sure you feel like a pussy for mucking it AA, but thats holdem mentality. Even with the 1 pair hand he had, he is probably right around even money with you. Plus he could easily be running you into the nuts, if I were horshoe, I would be checking QQ here to the pf raiser 90% of the time.

You raised preflop with AAds and got reraised, was this not the result you were hoping for?
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