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Default Re: did I over play my hand

He may have put you on aces. That's the first thought I have when someone min-raises UTG. His less-than-pot reraise indicates that's what he was thinking. He wants to find out if that's what you've got so he can play his excellent preflop hand appropriately postflop, but not allow you to raise so much that he's tied to the hand preflop.

After the flop he has top pair and a gutshot and makes a stab at the pot. When you put him all in, he has to decide what you have... if it's any two pair he has twelve-ish outs. If it's aces he has fourteen outs. If it's something like 5678 he has... twelve outs. So he's basically deciding whether or not you have a set. He decides you don't and makes a correct call.

I think you made a mistake preflop by not repotting when given the opportunity. You're not running AAxx here, you're double suited and you have a couple of potential straight cards. Sure, you're telling him what you have, but you almost did that with the min-raise anyway. The result would have been the same... he'd call, he'd pick up his fourteen outs, and he'd call you down postflop, but if he doesn't hit the flop that hard he'd have to get away from it.
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