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Default Re: Who is the worst employee?

Three or four years ago I worked at Old Navy. I hated working on the floor and folding shirts or finding the right size skirt for someone's fat daughter. So I'd beg to be put in the stockroom.

They'd put you in the stockroom and be like "Hey organize this stuff" and it was just a bunch of folded clothing. I'd spend a couple minutes moving [censored] around, then I'd find a nice tall shelf and pad it with those huge puffy vests that were popular at Old Navy back then. They made a perfect surface to take naps on.

All the employees at Old Navy were supposed to wear headphones so I'd turn the headset off and the speaker on, and turn it up loud so it'd be my little wake up call. Then I'd nap.

The door to the stockroom also had a loud horn on it that'd ring in the stockroom in case a customer came off the floor into an area they weren't supposed to. That horn also let me know when my boss was comin back to check on me.

One time I came into work, did my little set-up, and went to sleep. I woke up six and a half hours later and was really proud of my accomplishment. So proud I left work an hour early.
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