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Default Who is the worst employee?

OK so all of us waste our time at work posting, and I'd bet a good half of us have gotten away with playing poker online during work, but what is your REALLY good story about what you've been able to pull off while on the job? Here's mine:

Working for a movie theater while in college, I was the guy who got new films ready for Friday openings. That meant I usually worked until 3AM on Thursdays, putting the films together and then watching them (seeing new flicks before the public was cool) to make sure there were no bad splices or upside-down reels (yes it happens)

The sweet part was that other employees would come watch the new movies on Thursday night, and it would turn into a big party. Someone over 21 would make a beer run, and along with the concession candy you could bet that people were either wasted or on a mean sugar high. I was one of the two people getting paid during these parties!

Pretty tame but it sure was fun. Your turn, what's your story? Maybe if the responses are good enough we'll do a "Worst Employee Ever" poll [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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