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Default Do you support Bush?

I suppose this is an overlap of many topics, but i hope this thread will help me understand more opinions.

OVERALL i support Bush. I've always thought the WMD reason was a mistake for the USA to hang its motives on. I wanted us to remove Saddamn because HE WAS AN UNACCEPTABLE THREAT TO NECCESSARY MIDDLE EAST STABILITY.

And concerning the phone tapping stuff, I think many don't have their priorities in order. Yes, it would be best if such sticky actions were free of constitutional issues, but it's most inportant that WE ARE FINDING TERRORISTS THAT ARE PLANNING TO KILL US EN MASSE. The white house has stressed that phomes are only tapped against those that are credible suspects. I WANT THIS TO CONTINUE. DON'T YOU? And honestly, i couldn't care less if the goverment is listening to my bad beat phone stories. I have nothing to hide.

Your thoughts?
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