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Default Re: Hammer the river?

AA - 1 combo
KK - 1 combo
AK - 4 combos
AJ - 6 combos
KJ - 6 combos
KT[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] - 1 combo
KQ[img]/images/graemlins/heart.gif[/img] - 1 combo
JJ - 3 combos

You need to be 2:1 favourite to 3bet here.
12 combos you beat, 4 you tie, 7 you lose.

I think you can discount a few of the combos you are behind to a point where a 3 bet becomes the right option.

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think AJ goes into the mix based on the flop action. There goes half of the combos you beat and already you lose more than you win. I'm not even sure if I would count all KJ combos as many players limp that from UTG.

[/ QUOTE ]

All he did was bet/call. But I see where you're coming from.

By the same logic though. I've got to eliminate JJ.
KTs is a bit of a stretch for a raise preflop.
And I'm sure AA, KK and AK play a lot faster than this.

I still think I'm favouring hands that we beat to play this way. Whether it's enough for a 3bet - meh, it's close.

Reads would definitely sway the decision.

EDIT: I've just bolded my statement from my first post to go with Greg's post below.
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