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Default Re: Strange Computer Glitch -- Grey 3\" box in the middle of screen - V

Random Christmas Eve Update since I have a second away from my psychotic family:

I left my computer on throughout the night and this never appeared again. The suggestion from the two of you above Ray Zee that this is a monitor thing sounds plausible as the graphic is in no way sinister but rather it seems ... like some function ... of something.

But it hasn't appeared again.

Quite literally, there was no rhyme or reason before that made it come up: one time when I first started the computer, another time loading the Interpoker software, MS Word, random times in the middle of using various programs, etc etc.

Maybe just in my fast-typing I'm hitting some combination of keys that's causing havoc.

Having it be a "monitor problem" -- since there appeared to be no problematic programs running -- at least makes me feel somewhat better (although this is a relatively new monitor of a few months old) but I just hope it doesn't happen OR I can figure out how to NOT make it happen/stop it once it starts again.

Regardless, to everyone who took the time to respond (even Ray Zee with his duct tape-esque suggestion that my father would approve of) I appreciate it, especially during the holidays.

Barron Vangor Toth
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