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Default Re: Two personal beliefs and their consequences

The fact is, the demon CAN predict what you will do -- it's just that by telling you in advance of your action, he is adding another cause into the equation. Just like entering a # into my computer program adds a cause in determining what # is printed on the screen.

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Yes but the demon knows this just as I know the computer program will display a "1" if I input "0". The difference is every prediction I make with the little computer game is supposed to be wrong and I am most certain they would all turn out wrong. I know that it is impossible for me to make an accurate prediction.

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No it's not. You can tell me: I will enter a "0" and the computer will print a "1". You can do this as many times as you need to convince me that the computer output does not have free will, and that you have sufficient understanding of the working of it to predict its output. The demon can do the exact same thing.

The fact that your entering of the # into the computer, or the demon entering his "prediction" into your head makes you do something other than what was entered or "predicted", does not mean the demon didn't know what you would really end up doing -- it just means that he can't tell you before hand, because then you would act differently.

If you don't get this, I give up. This is very simple.
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