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Default Watch Out! I\'m Coming To Take Your Loot [img]/images/wink.gif[/img]

That's right. You Las Vegas regulars better be careful and heed my warning! I've been studing the 2+2 books, and posting and reading on this forum back when there was only one forum many moons ago.

I can tell how smart you are about poker just from reading your posts. Some of you have been betting when you should be checking, folding when you should be calling, checking when you should be betting, calling when you should be raising, or just plain checking, calling, or raising at the wrong time. I know all your mistakes. [img]/images/biggrin.gif[/img]

Since, I know you all. That means YOU the regular Las Vegas poker player will not be happy [img]/images/frown.gif[/img] when I sit down at your table to play Limit Hold'em and Omaha 8 or Better.

I'll be arriving at Binion's on the 20th so I can take advantage of all the Limit Hold'em losers that are depressed from all their bad beats from the limit tournament. So, you regular Vegas players better watch you step around me.

If the action at Binion's is not good, I'll be going to the Bellagio to terrorize your table. So, all you $10-$20 and $15-$30 players better be prepaired to hand over all your loot to me.

I'll be very busy the next few days reading my new Sklansky book TPFAP. I just received it today and don't have much time to read it before my trip, so I will not be posting and reading much here until after I get back home. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to sitting at your tables. So how do you like THAT! [img]/images/wink.gif[/img]

You will know who I am when you notice your pyramid of chips gets reduced to a couple of columns. I'll be the tourist with a digital camera on my right, and my MD recorder/player on my left. I might even record the conversations at the tables.

Remember, I gave you fair warning. [img]/images/smile.gif[/img]


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