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Default Re: Long Vegas Trip Report

Mike -

A couple of points. First, as to why I like LV games more than LA. Realize that many of the Vegas players are in LA now, so the games weren't too tough, it was a holiday weekend (valentines, pres. day). But as I said, the games are beatable based on your reading skills, not just hand-selection-and-hold-on games, like L.A. I've always liked tamer games. This is why, back when Todd lived in LA, we would often play in the same game. We both respect each other's game, so its not like we enjoyed butting heads, but we wanted a little stabilization in the games. Shorthanded is different.

And a question...where were you playing shorthanded 20-40...was it at commerce? I'd love to jump into that!!

As for blackjack...I have been taught a counting system, though I don't know the name of it...and I'm not good at it... But it wouldn't help when I sit down at the games with the continuous shuffler (damn cute dealers always draw me in!!)

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