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Default Re: Rate this river fold - blind battle 10/20

in a blind battle, i dont fold this for one more bet on the river. With 12 BB in the pot, you have to be good fairly less than 10%, which i'd say you are.

[/ QUOTE ]

Blanket statements can make good players but not great ones. Think about this a little bit more rather just applying a rule to it. What hands does a defending BB have that I beat given the description I laid?

I can think of possibly one given my history with him, which would be 78. 7c8c seems the most likely to cap this turn when I'm ahead because of his flush draw possibility too, but I really don't think a non 2 club 78 would cap here, given the number of 2 pair hnds I could have with that Ace on the board. FWIW, I'd likely call the river if it was a non-club.

Avoid the blanket statement and give me a good reason to call here.
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