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Default Recommend me some music.

I was feeling pretty out of the loop musically, so I downloaded the last edition of NPR's "All Songs Considered" a few days ago and went throught the two-hour podcast pretty quick. They mentioned a few albums I had, noteably Beck's Guero, and a few albums that I simply can't get into - I'm looking at you, Jack White. But otherwise, most of the stuff I'd heard just didn't interest me that much aside from Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise. Otherwise, the last few things I stole from the RIAA or otherwise obtained include some stuff from The Shins, Stephen Malkmus' Face The Truth, Ben Folds, and a great first effort by Ray Lamontagne.

The only other real standout that I'm going to have to pick up, sound-unseen as it were, is the newly discovered Carnegie sessions from Coltrane and Monk.

So help me out, people! I'm a fan of indie rock, techno, and just about anything good except hip-hop and country. What else came out this past year that I'm completely missing out on.
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