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Default Re: 3-bet pre-flop or check-raise the flop?

Railbirding Dreamclown and Kidpoker (who is think is Daniel Negreanu (sp.?)) playing 500 - 1000 on pokerroom last night, I noticed that Dreamclown NEVER 3 bet his big blind, but check-raised something I would say in the region of 60 per cent of flops. Negreanu, however, 3 bet quite a lot. I only watcheed for about an hour, but it did seem that even though he was stuck quite a bit this guy Dreamclown had a small edge. Obviously there are significant other factors in play here, but one of the reasons that it appeared this way, at least for the spectator, was that it was almost impossible to put him on any sort of a hand. Negreanu, although tricky, you could at least give some sort of hand ranges too as he probably 3 bet about 20 percent, folded his worst 15 percent. His opponent, however, pretty much never folded, never 3 bet, and only really on the turn (assuming the flop went check be raise call) was it possilbe to give him any sort of hand. I don't know if this is true or not, and he may very well have ended up losing he match, but I certainly had the impression that the deception gained by this tactic outweighed the pre-flop equity sacrificed. It certainly would be very, very frustrating to play against.
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