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Default Re: pushing in the orange zone (PP$150)

since, no one has chosen "fold" yet, can those who advocate the "~3 BB raise" option comment on what they'd do if they got re-raised pre-flop?

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You just can't answer this type of question. And that's probably the key difference between STT and MTT. In an STT (and while I play mainly MTTs I've got at least a couple thousand STTs under my belt so I know something about them) play is much more systematic. Blinds escalate rapidly. Bubble play comes quickly. Unless you've played with someone previously you often don't have great reads.

With an MTT you just can't say something like "well if somebody pushes I'll call" or "I'll call one raise but fold to a raise and a re-raise". It all depends. Who is pushing? How have they been playing? How big is their stack? How have I been playing? Does it look like I'm stealing? When are the blinds increasing? What's the current money situation?

There are too many factors that need to be considered and you need to think through some of these prior to even deciding what to do.
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