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Most of what Otter says is solid. The one thing I'd edit is that even though the 10-25 NL game rarely goes, the "big" NL game (2-5-5, $100 min) game has enough cash on the table that it could easily be 10-25. My point is, don't let the lack of a 10-25 game steer you away if you want to play deep stack NL.

Greektown is ~20 tables, half smoking and half non-smoking (seperated by a wall). # of tables by popularity:

$50min-$100max 1-2 NL ($6/half hour time)
3-6 limit (10% capped at $5 rake, $1 for BBJ taken at $20)

Then the rest: 5-10 limit, 2-5-5 NL are regularly spread (on occasion 2 tables). They spread 10-20 limit when there's demand (usually only fri/sat). 10-25 PLO twice a week. 20-40 round by round (2 HE, 1 Omaha-Hi) rarely. 1-5 or 2-10 spread limit stud very rarely.

The low limit games are stupid soft. I beat the 5-10 pretty soundly after moving up from 3-6. I'm not that good at NL, but even I could beat the $50-$100 game over time. The swings are gross because you can't rebuy until you bust and pre-flop raises are frequently $20 or more. Once you build a deep stack, is when you can crush the donkeys (duh).

I haven't played at Motor City, because the rake is $1 more. It might be worth a look since they expanded (from 8 to 13 tables, though they don't keep all 13 running all the time), since the entire floor is non smoking.

Never been to Windsor, because of the border hassle and exchange.

From talking to regulars, you must be prepared to lower expectations. Detroit poker has basically a captive audience, and it shows. I personally have only ever had one problem (was forced to pay time twice in 10 minutes after I moved tables and the 2nd table was 10 minutes late on the dealer change), but filling empty seats is slow.

I've played in LA a handful of times, and aside from much faster seat fills, I didn't think it was that different (management/floor wise). YMMV.
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