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Default Re: God As He Moves Across The Face Of Internet Touranments

So nobody knows and those who might won't, nor should they, share.



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There are a bunch of problems with answering this question. First, MTTs vary greatly in size and structure. Second, MTTs have huge variance, so you need a ridiculously large sample size of MTTs to get reliable numbers. Third, combine problems one and two, and you see that you need a ridiculously large sample size of similarly structured and sized MTTs, which is really hard to come by.

Really rough numbers (i.e., within maybe a factor of 4) are 100% ROI and 15% ITM.

FT% and win% are totally bogus statistics because FTing a 9000 person MTT 1/10 times'd be amazing, while FTing a 50 person MTT 1/10 times'd be pretty pathetic.

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This reply makes the most sense out of it. Thanks for taking the time. I have similar ideas. What it boils down to, I guess, is that entering these things should have the same expectation as flushing $100 bills down the toilet. If you can afford to, great, you can, but if you can't you shouldn't. By the time you know it was a bad idea, it's going to be way too late anyway.

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