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Default Re: a thought on tipping dealers

Hell, I imagine that dealers could be nearly removed altogether in the near future. Think about it - if you have chips with RFID tags in them, and cards with RFID tags in them, and little "zones" in front of each player where they put their hand and one where they put their bet, it wouldn't take much of a sophisticated computer to keep the game running smoothly - nobody would be able to short the pot, and it could read hands for you to determine who won; any problems with bet sizes or anything else and the computer could turn on a red light to alert a floorman.

All the dealer would have to do is distribute cards and put the cards in the shufflemajigger after each hand (and even that might be able to be automated sometime)

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Actually, what you're thinking is too complicated. There are already totally computerized tables in Florida with no dealer, no cards, no chips. Everything is on a little screen. It's basically party poker with everyone in the same physical room.
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