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Default Re: AJo......Stage 1 of play along

I think you call here.

If you raise here, UTG+1 is getting 9.5 to 1 to call (2 sb into 19 sb) and MP1/MP2 are getting even better odds if others call. This means that even with only 4-5 outs, they are getting the right odds so Tens and Kings are going to call. And as such your hand is still not protected. With a raise, going to the turn the pot is 10.5BB or larger, with a call its 10.5BB

On the turn, I think you can fold to a non-diamond K or T and start raising away with an A or J hitting. With a diamond turn I would call down the turn. With a blank turn, I would hope sb bets out and him raise to get Ks and Ts out. (2 BB into a 13.5 BB pot or 6.25 to 1 to call). If the sb doesn't bet out, if you raise, the Ks and Ts are still getting odds to call. So I'm not sure what to do here.

If you raised the SB on the turn, I think I call down the river on any non-diamond (if you didnt hit your house or back door flush).

This is my first hand analysis on this board, so if I did anything wrong tips would be nice. Thanks!
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